Christmas card

So I did a christmas card this year…took me forever to figure it all out, but check it out! I think it turned out well and I loved all the options on shutterfly (part of the reason it took me so long!)

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Oh Hi!

Don’t mind me, I’m just running around like a chicken with my head cut off today trying to prepare for tomorrow (the day Syd and I start nannying)! I’m trying to make sure I have everything ready to go.  While they have an extra crib, tons of toys and lots of food, they don’t have all the comforts of home that Syd is used to, like certain blankies and favorite toys/books. So I’m busily trying to get together everything that I think we need, like an extra sound machine, extra clothes to leave there, an extra blankie etc. How is it that she has so much stuff? She’s only 16 months old!  Luckily I can always run home if I need something or have my brother come and drop something off, it’s not like we are moving out forever!

In all honesty, I’m a little nervous about how her nap schedule will play out tomorrow because she doesn’t really nap well out, meaning she won’t nap anywhere but home and at Aunt Jen’s, which can mean a VERY long tantrumy day!  Also wondering how the other baby will do too, since as I understand it, he’s not really been on a schedule this summer, hopefully, Syd will continue her two nap a day thing and the other baby will get back on a schedule similar to hers. Wish me luck with that!

Any advice for things to bring to help Syd sleep somewhere else?

Restart button

Hi everyone, I am making a vow to start actually blogging again! I think of things to say, jot them down and then walk away and completely forget about them, hello, ADHD.
Here’s a brief update:
Sydney has turned 1 (we had a large party, that was lots of fun, but I realized just how small my house is.  I think we had about 40 people stuffed into a small townhouse).  She is currently running circles around me and learning animal noises.

In a week I am starting a new job, as a nanny to this really awesome family for a little boy that is 5 months younger than Sydney.  I’m nervous for the first week or so as Syd adjusts to napping at their house, luckily she has her own crib there.  I am also nervous for my sanity during the transition time, because as we all know non-napping babies aren’t fun.  I was very lucky to find a job that would allow me to bring Sydney along, how many jobs let you do that?!  Can you imagine a 16 month old in a conference call??

This next week we are trying to squeeze in as much mommy/daughter time as possible, as well as squeeze in as many playdates as possible before we become a threesome.  However, I’m still hoping to be able to make it out of the house with both kids, we shall see how that goes, I guess it is going to give me a taste of what having 2 kids is like.

Anyone have any advice for getting out with two kids?  Any tips/tricks of the trade?

Quick Update

Happy New Year! One of my goals this year is to be better about posting, so on that note, sorry I haven’t been posting.  I kept meaning to find the time, but somehow by the end of the day when I actually had the time to write, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed because I knew that Syd will be up before I knew it! So I promise to be better, but here is a brief update and some hopes/goals for the new year! Also, more pictures will be coming too, because I finally got a new camera (or one that isn’t broken – I am still going to try to get my DSLR fixed)

Sydney had several major milestones: she can now sit up and even get to sitting up (sometimes) by herself, she is standing for several seconds unassisted before she plops down again, she can pull herself up on things (VERY SCARY, she tries to pull herself up on everything even if it’s not stable), and she got her first tooth!!  Honestly I was beginning to wonder if she was ever going to get teeth, or if baby dentures would be required…She is also finally starting to get hair!

Also, in other news Mike finally installed the diaper hose (YAY, it happened before she was potty trained!) I wonder if he read that I didn’t think he would get it done?

Goals for the new year:

Keep the house clean – I can’t seem to find a good balance of cleaning and taking a break while she naps.  I also seem to wander around aimlessly when she is napping (maybe making a list of things I need to get done will be helpful), which might be why the house is a mess.

Cook most meals at home – we ate out far too much – I looked back at our spending over the past year and we have spent way too much on take out, more than I would ever like to admit and the number actually made me vomit in my mouth a little.  Also along these lines, I hope to get better at eating the leftovers from said meals, I think we waste a lot of food too!

Read to Sydney more – Mike has been really good about reading to her at night, but I want to be better about reading to her too!

Paint the interior of our house!  Almost all the rooms are this dark tan khaki color, it makes me depressed, but I have not found the time to actually do anything about it!

What are you goals, short term, long term?

Happy New Year!

My Favorite Time of Year

I LOVE Christmas, I love the how everyone is more upbeat and happy and the energy in the air!  I love shopping for and wrapping gifts.  My favorite part of Christmas is selecting and giving gifts to my friends and family, I like to be tricky though.  Two years ago I wrapped Mikes iPod up in a Nintendo DS Box and put his video games in his boxers boxes.  After all the gifts were opened I said ‘hey let’s play each other on our DS’s.’ he opened the box and found the iPod, which is what he really wanted.  He really thought I had gotten him the DS (even though we already had 1) and was so excited to see that it wasn’t the DS, but the much desired iPod.  Sometimes I like to wrap gifts inside gifts, so if you ever have the pleasure of getting a gift from me check the pockets or make sure what’s supposed to be in the box is actually in the box.

Last year I finally convinced Mike to buy me a Christmas tree (in all the places we have lived we have never really had room until last year).  I made him start the tradition so that when Sydney came we would know what we were doing!  We decorated it and strung tons of white lights on it and it sat in our living til the second week of January until he finally hauled out and threw it in the woods behind our condo!  I wonder if it’s still there and if anyone even noticed?!

This year we have yet to get our tree, but that is happening this weekend, and I won’t be employing my sneaky wrapping and box swapping techniques on Sydney (this year), but I have carefully selected most of the gifts she will be getting (even though I am sure she will be more interested in the wrapping paper), let me know what you think!  Also what did you get for your child’s first Christmas, what did you do to make that day special?

1. hat and mittens

2. books lots of books, we are tired of reading the ones we have

3. blocks and cups to work on stacking

4. a pop up toy, you know the one that has 5 different ways to make the people pop up…she is obsessed with the one on a toy, imagine if she had 5 to play with and figure out how to open!

5.  a few cute outfits

6.  Some other little toys, not quite sure yet, but a trip to a specialty toy store will help me solidify these

Random things

1. I get/feel socially awkward…I get nervous now when meeting new people. I get quiet, I don’t say much and when I do it’s usually something that I regret saying (open mouth, insert foot). Since I am so quiet, people think I am bitchy, have a stick up my butt or think that I’m full of myself, when in reality I’m just shy. However, once I get to know you and feel comfortable around you I don’t shut the hell up! Mike says I have no reason to be nervous, especially because Syd is such a great conversation starter, I don’t like going places without Mike where I know that I don’t know many people.
2.  I like to eat ice cream even though I am lactose intolerant.  I really enjoy when Mike goes out and gets the ice cream, brings up 2 spoons and gets in bed with me and we alternate pints of yummy ice cream while watching TV!  Hello can we say old married couple?
3. I miss sleeping, don’t get me wrong I LOVE and ADORE my kid, but I would love just one full night of sleep.  Although I’m sure I would wake up even if she was sleeping through the night.
4. I’m boring, I think I need to find a hobby or something to occupy my time.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Can’t take up too much time though as I actually don’t have THAT much time, just want something besides Sydney to make me feel accomplished
5. I always read the end of a book before I start, I read the last 4 chapters of Harry Potter 7 before I started the actual book because I wanted to see if Harry died (he didn’t so I could safely read the book from the beginning – as a side note I read the book in one night)

6. Sydney has a lucky Ravens outfit that I wash every week so that it’s clean for the game.  Mike makes me put it on her even if it’s a night game.  Thus tonight, since they are playing the Steelers for the Sunday night game, she was put to bed in the outfit!

7.  I hate having my feet covered at night, even in the dead of winter

8.  I am jealous of Sydney’s eyelashes, she got Mikes gorgeously long eyelashes on the top and my funny little eyelashes on the bottom.


So at almost 8 months old Sydney doesn’t have much hair and I’m beginning to think that she might never get hair! I know it will eventually come in, but she really doesn’t have that much, so I have to be careful to make sure to dress her in “girly” outfits so she’s not mistaken for a boy, which happens a lot, even when she’s wearing pink/purple. Her father and I are both blessed with lots of hair atop our heads, but Syd seems to be lacking in this department. With all the heartburn I had while pregnant I thought for sure she would have lots of hair! When she was born it looked like she had a decent amount of hair. It turns out that she just had a smallish head because as soon as her head grew to epic proportions (98th percentile in head circumference) she seemed to have less hair. As her head grew, her hair didn’t so there was the same amount of hair covering a larger area making it look more sparse.
In our living room I have pictures of when she was in the hospital and it looks like she has a ton of hair and then I look at her now and it looks like she has none. I’m hoping it starts growing in soon, otherwise does anyone know if they make baby toupees?

A few days old and she looks like she has hair

7.5 Months old and less hair...