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Hi everyone, I am making a vow to start actually blogging again! I think of things to say, jot them down and then walk away and completely forget about them, hello, ADHD.
Here’s a brief update:
Sydney has turned 1 (we had a large party, that was lots of fun, but I realized just how small my house is.  I think we had about 40 people stuffed into a small townhouse).  She is currently running circles around me and learning animal noises.

In a week I am starting a new job, as a nanny to this really awesome family for a little boy that is 5 months younger than Sydney.  I’m nervous for the first week or so as Syd adjusts to napping at their house, luckily she has her own crib there.  I am also nervous for my sanity during the transition time, because as we all know non-napping babies aren’t fun.  I was very lucky to find a job that would allow me to bring Sydney along, how many jobs let you do that?!  Can you imagine a 16 month old in a conference call??

This next week we are trying to squeeze in as much mommy/daughter time as possible, as well as squeeze in as many playdates as possible before we become a threesome.  However, I’m still hoping to be able to make it out of the house with both kids, we shall see how that goes, I guess it is going to give me a taste of what having 2 kids is like.

Anyone have any advice for getting out with two kids?  Any tips/tricks of the trade?


One response to “Restart button

  1. YAY!!! I am so happy to see a new post! Giddy is more like it.
    I have to tell you, you just gave me the best advice ever. That I could try the whole babysitting thing out. With James in full day kindergarten in a little over a week it’ll be just the Nat and I. I’ll have to get that CPR cert. though. That’s huge. Here I am with an “at risk” kid and i don’t know CPR. It boggles my mind. ANYWAY… lol…as far as any tricks or tips to juggle 2 kids it’s really all in the practice. Obviously, getting them on a set schedule if it all possible. And keeping outings simple. Playgrounds, for example.. much better for your sanity then attempting a whole bunch of errands. Just knowing that your day is centered around 2 little ones and diving in helps a whole lot. You can save the errands for when you’re by yourself or with just Syd maybe. But then again.. it’s all about how easy-going both of them are. Routine is key..and keeping things simple for all of you. ; )

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