Random things

1. I get/feel socially awkward…I get nervous now when meeting new people. I get quiet, I don’t say much and when I do it’s usually something that I regret saying (open mouth, insert foot). Since I am so quiet, people think I am bitchy, have a stick up my butt or think that I’m full of myself, when in reality I’m just shy. However, once I get to know you and feel comfortable around you I don’t shut the hell up! Mike says I have no reason to be nervous, especially because Syd is such a great conversation starter, I don’t like going places without Mike where I know that I don’t know many people.
2.  I like to eat ice cream even though I am lactose intolerant.  I really enjoy when Mike goes out and gets the ice cream, brings up 2 spoons and gets in bed with me and we alternate pints of yummy ice cream while watching TV!  Hello can we say old married couple?
3. I miss sleeping, don’t get me wrong I LOVE and ADORE my kid, but I would love just one full night of sleep.  Although I’m sure I would wake up even if she was sleeping through the night.
4. I’m boring, I think I need to find a hobby or something to occupy my time.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Can’t take up too much time though as I actually don’t have THAT much time, just want something besides Sydney to make me feel accomplished
5. I always read the end of a book before I start, I read the last 4 chapters of Harry Potter 7 before I started the actual book because I wanted to see if Harry died (he didn’t so I could safely read the book from the beginning – as a side note I read the book in one night)

6. Sydney has a lucky Ravens outfit that I wash every week so that it’s clean for the game.  Mike makes me put it on her even if it’s a night game.  Thus tonight, since they are playing the Steelers for the Sunday night game, she was put to bed in the outfit!

7.  I hate having my feet covered at night, even in the dead of winter

8.  I am jealous of Sydney’s eyelashes, she got Mikes gorgeously long eyelashes on the top and my funny little eyelashes on the bottom.


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