My Favorite Time of Year

I LOVE Christmas, I love the how everyone is more upbeat and happy and the energy in the air!  I love shopping for and wrapping gifts.  My favorite part of Christmas is selecting and giving gifts to my friends and family, I like to be tricky though.  Two years ago I wrapped Mikes iPod up in a Nintendo DS Box and put his video games in his boxers boxes.  After all the gifts were opened I said ‘hey let’s play each other on our DS’s.’ he opened the box and found the iPod, which is what he really wanted.  He really thought I had gotten him the DS (even though we already had 1) and was so excited to see that it wasn’t the DS, but the much desired iPod.  Sometimes I like to wrap gifts inside gifts, so if you ever have the pleasure of getting a gift from me check the pockets or make sure what’s supposed to be in the box is actually in the box.

Last year I finally convinced Mike to buy me a Christmas tree (in all the places we have lived we have never really had room until last year).  I made him start the tradition so that when Sydney came we would know what we were doing!  We decorated it and strung tons of white lights on it and it sat in our living til the second week of January until he finally hauled out and threw it in the woods behind our condo!  I wonder if it’s still there and if anyone even noticed?!

This year we have yet to get our tree, but that is happening this weekend, and I won’t be employing my sneaky wrapping and box swapping techniques on Sydney (this year), but I have carefully selected most of the gifts she will be getting (even though I am sure she will be more interested in the wrapping paper), let me know what you think!  Also what did you get for your child’s first Christmas, what did you do to make that day special?

1. hat and mittens

2. books lots of books, we are tired of reading the ones we have

3. blocks and cups to work on stacking

4. a pop up toy, you know the one that has 5 different ways to make the people pop up…she is obsessed with the one on a toy, imagine if she had 5 to play with and figure out how to open!

5.  a few cute outfits

6.  Some other little toys, not quite sure yet, but a trip to a specialty toy store will help me solidify these


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