So at almost 8 months old Sydney doesn’t have much hair and I’m beginning to think that she might never get hair! I know it will eventually come in, but she really doesn’t have that much, so I have to be careful to make sure to dress her in “girly” outfits so she’s not mistaken for a boy, which happens a lot, even when she’s wearing pink/purple. Her father and I are both blessed with lots of hair atop our heads, but Syd seems to be lacking in this department. With all the heartburn I had while pregnant I thought for sure she would have lots of hair! When she was born it looked like she had a decent amount of hair. It turns out that she just had a smallish head because as soon as her head grew to epic proportions (98th percentile in head circumference) she seemed to have less hair. As her head grew, her hair didn’t so there was the same amount of hair covering a larger area making it look more sparse.
In our living room I have pictures of when she was in the hospital and it looks like she has a ton of hair and then I look at her now and it looks like she has none. I’m hoping it starts growing in soon, otherwise does anyone know if they make baby toupees?

A few days old and she looks like she has hair

7.5 Months old and less hair...


2 responses to “Baldy

  1. The newborn hair falls out over the few months after they’re born. Which is odd. LOL But, don’t worry Sydney will grow beautiful hair soon. Lots of kids are bald until they turn one and then before you know it, you’re trying to figure out what to do with it each day because there’s so much. You’ll get to that point. Trust me. LOL

    • Her newborn hair never really seemed to fall out, except in the back, I’m convinced her head just got gigantic and the hair spread out and made it look like she had less…i know that one day it will come in like crazy…I’m just impatient

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