Happy Thanksgiving

This year I have a lot to be thankful for, a beautiful, wonderful, happy, healthy baby girl, a great husband and a lot of other things! I couldn’t ask for anything more in the world!  This year we are going to my dad’s house for thanksgiving, which is nice because it’s only about 10 minutes away!  We usually go there because it’s so close and I used to have to work the next day so it made it easy.  It’s always a unique experience depending on who is there as was evidenced by last year!  There are a lot of family dynamics at play, as with most families I am sure.  I am part of huge blended family on my mom’s side and a small blended family on my dad’s side (I will have to do a family recap at some point so you can see just how confusing it really is…try explaining this as a 5th grader…yea I did and people just got lost after the second word).  My dad lives with his girlfriend T, who has 1 brother and 3 sisters, for Thanksgiving T’s brother and his family and T’s mother and her “beau” were in attendance.

Last year, I think I was just starting to show, I guess people could still get mixed up and think I had just put on a lot of weight? (but honestly how confusing can it be? I was a stick pre-pregnancy)  T’s brother didn’t realize/know I was pregnant and when he found out he said “good I thought at first you had just put on a lot of weight!”  Umm ok, what do you say to that?! At least this year something like this won’t happen?  Although I still have a little soft middle to shed…so you never know what comments could be made.

Every year the dinner conversation digresses to the same topic about where T’s family last name comes from.  Literally, you can cut and paste Mike and I from year to year sitting around the table listening to the arguing about the family last name and which side they are really related to.  Two years ago David (my brother) turned to T and said “Didn’t we talk about this last year?” to which T replied “Oh my god you’re right! Is that sad?” I think I piped in and said we talked about it the year before that too.  So I’m sure we’re in for a repeat conversation this year, I will make sure to update you!

Another joy I had last year was being sober through the whole holiday season (drinking mass quantities while pregnant is usually frowned upon).  You really see how drunk the rest of the family gets.  I learned that when drunk my family is bunch of in your face close talkers who repeat themselves when we think we aren’t being heard…

Hopefully this year new conversation will be had, nobody will think I am “fat” and I won’t be spat upon by a close talker!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and eats a ton of turkey (or Tofurkey if you are vegetarian)!


One response to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. LOL! Being sober for the 1st time through an entire holiday season (last year when I was prego with A) was a seriously eye-opening experience. Virtual CHEERS to you for a Thanksgiving with more copious amounts of wine

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