Oh Diet Coke, how I love thee

I LOVE diet coke, I know…you needn’t lecture me on how bad it is, my husband and all my friends already do, but I must tell you I can’t survive without it! I am addicted and have a serious problem, I am trying to limit myself to only 2 or a 3 a day, it’s how I make it through the long days that start at 730ish and end around 1030ish.

While most people prefer something warm to jump start their morning, I like to drink a diet coke, something about the bubbles and the cool liquid makes it so refreshing and gets me moving!

I went cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant with Sydney (aspartame could be bad for fetus…didn’t want to take the risk).  So for 9.5 months I did not take a single sip of diet coke (it was hard).  This guy in my office always walked around drinking one and I would sit in meetings salivating, staring at his diet coke, dreaming of the day when I could have another one.  I tried switching to regular coke, it was too sweet and made the morning all day sickness worse.  I tried switching to tea, but I didn’t like how I had to remember to start the kettle before I got in the shower so it would be ready by the time I needed to leave (I slept until the last possible second).  I gave up, I stuck to water and juice for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Mike used to joke that he would have a cold diet coke waiting for as soon as Sydney had been delivered, I wasn’t joking, I wanted him there with that diet coke waiting for me!

After Sydney was born I lasted about 26 hours before I demanded my husband find me a diet coke, it was a harder task than it seemed, as the hospital only had pepsi (blech, and yes I can totally tell the difference) and I didn’t want him to leave the room because I couldn’t get up on my own.  A few phone calls and an awesome best friend later, I had my first diet coke of 9.5 months in hand!  I couldn’t wait, I ripped off the lid and took a swig, I pulled it away from my lips, something was amiss, it still had the refreshing feeling, but it tasted funny, different than I remembered!  I chalked it up to the fact that I had been eating bland boring hospital food and polished off the rest of the bottle.

The next time I got around to having a diet coke was a few hours after being home, it still didn’t taste quite right, but nonetheless I finished the can because HELLO sleep deprived and needed caffeine.  Odd taste aside I got into a routine of having 1 a day (I was worried about the caffeine in breast milk).   A few more sleep deprived weeks go by and I allowed myself to have another one in the afternoon because let’s get real, I needed caffeine to stay awake and the single can didn’t seem to be cutting it and the caffeine didn’t seem to be bothering Syd at all.  At 3 months in it was back to work and I figured well, it’s OK to have just one more because it’s still not more than the recommended 200 mg of caffeine limit and I needed to stay awake at my desk!! I made myself stop there because it could have easily spiraled out of control and I could wind up allowing myself to drink a whole 12 pack in a day under the guise of being sleep deprived.  I am now up to 3 cans per day and I can’t and won’t let myself drink more, it’s going to end there.  However, even to this day it still doesn’t taste the same as it did before I was pregnant, but I still love it just as much.  Does anyone have any drink they are addicted to?  If so, how do you limit yourself or cutback?


2 responses to “Oh Diet Coke, how I love thee

  1. Let’s not talk about this issue…I just came home from Sam’s with 96 cans of DC…that is how fast it disappears from the fridge. Oy. I can feel my teeth rotting away as I type…

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