The Cube Next Door

Every morning at some point I walk over to the cube next door and plop down in the chair and talk to my neighbor.  We joke, we talk about our families, and we gossip.  I am going to miss this routine, when I am staying home with Sydney full time.  While I am ecstatic about staying home and have wanted this with all my heart and know I am making the right decision, I’m admittedly  a little nervous too! Maternity leave was fantastic and I’m hoping this transition will be just as great.  I loved being home with her, but in the back of my mind I knew I would have to go back to work and would be able to resume this routine with my neighbor in the cube next door (adult conversation).  While I wished I could be home when I was at work, I loved that this routine resumed and I was allowed adult conversation once again, instead of the one sided ones I had with Sydney.  After a series of events that put the ball in motion, I put in my two weeks notice and here we stand, 2 work days between me and SAH Motherhood.

I have been working at my job for the past 4 and a half years, the people I work with are like family, we yell over the cubes and joke around.  I probably see them more than most of my family.  I get to go to work and have adult interaction without holding a baby and doing the baby sway (although sometimes I do catch myself standing around swaying without a baby in sight), I get to go to the bathroom on my own time, I get to eat one meal a day in peace and quiet.  I am ready to give up the bathroom and lunch breaks, no problem, but I am worried about giving up the social aspect of being a working mom, who will I talk to besides a 7 month old all day?  Sydney keeps a pretty tight nap schedule, so how realistic is it going to be to go out on play dates?  Will I become lonely?  I think by nature I am a pretty social person.  I know that I am lucky that I have a number of friends who are SAHM’s, but even so, as we approach the cold winter months, how easy is it going to be to get out?  I guess these are all questions we face as we embark on new roles as SAHM’s and I’m sure that the social aspect of my life will work itself out, but I sure am going to miss the lady in the cube next door, hope she doesn’t mind my morning calls and I sure hope Sydney doesn’t mind me having a morning “conference call” to help me keep my sanity!


4 responses to “The Cube Next Door

  1. I hope this change works out for you…. I will be in a different but similar situation once our bundle arrives in Jan. K is going to be in a touring production and only get home one day a week for the first six months so not only will I not have his support, I will be alone with the baby 24-7. There are lots and lots of Mums and babies in our neighbourhood and I’m sure I’ll make friends but the first few months will be hard. Not to mention all the stuff K will miss out on in the first few months. So keep me posted on any tricks you come up with to cope with the endless one-sided conversation! Sydney is beautiful by the way- you and Mike must be so proud!

    • Hey Brigid!
      thanks! we think she’s pretty darn cute! I can’t believe you are going to be home alone for the first 6 months, good luck, please let me know if you need anything or just want to chat!!!! Do you have help lined up for the first weeks (like mom or sister) that is the key to success! My mom stayed for 5 weeks, she was a god send! Have you met your neighbors yet? I would try to go over and meet them now and see if they have an organized play group you could join to keep you sane! good luck, keep in touch and let me know if you need anything!!!

  2. Thanks Liz! My mother is coming over in the beginning but probably only for a week or so. I would most definitely kill her after 5 weeks! My cousin lives just down the street though and she has a 1.5 year old so she’ll be a lot of help. I will definitely ask if I have any questions, this whole mothering business is so unknown! Thanks!

    • I thought I would kill my mom after that long too, but in the end I was so happy to have help and company (Mike was working really long hours) that I was so sad to see her go! I’m glad that your cousin lives around the corner, that will be a great support system! Also, my pediatrician gave me the best advice, a happy mommy is a happy baby – so don’t kill yourself to breastfeed (that’s what they make formula for and it’s ok to supplement ) and that you do what works, even if what works is the little one co-sleeping

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