Squishy OCD

So I believe I may or may not have developed a bit of OCD regarding all things Sydney related.  What I mean by this is suddenly I have a very specific way of doing tasks and clean-up related to the baby and all her things must be orderly by the time I go to bed.  Let’s talk about the worst of it, the bottle washing, I have to be the one to wash the bottles, I don’t like it when anyone else does it, in fact I make the nanny leave them for me to wash and yell at Mike that I will do it when he picks up the brush.  I know it’s shocking, why would I turn away help, especially unsolicited help?!? Well because I like them washed in a specific order and when I wash them I can make sure they are cleaned in that order. Our bottles have 4 parts, so I have figured out the perfect way for them to all fit on the drying rack in a specific way.  First I have to wash the inside ring, then the bottom, then the nipple then the ring, and then the actual bottle and they have to go on the drying rack in that order arranged in just the right way.  I get annoyed when they aren’t put away in that order! This orderliness flows over into the way in which I wash, fold and put away her clothes.  It affects the way I put her toys away at the end of every day and how all her things like the high chair and exersaucer are put away!

Let me put this OCD/orderliness into perspective, currently anything not related to Sydney in my house is an absolute disaster (my desk at work was messy too), papers have gone unfiled for months, laundry has been sitting unfolded (except Sydney’s, which is promptly folded and put away), and we have an entire room of boxes with my clothes which need to be unpacked, and lots of other little odds and ends, yet anything Sydney related is neatly put away/washed/taken care of right away!?! I wonder what the meaning behind all that is, I’m sure it has to do with control issues?  Is anyone else like this with their baby’s things?  I think I have unrealistic dreams that once I am home the odds and ends that are non-Sydney related will miraculously get done! Here’s to hoping!


One response to “Squishy OCD

  1. Oh Liz.. I don’t know if it’s normal, but I CAN say that I do the same thing!! If the kids’ room is orderly and clean I feel okay leaving clutter around the rest of the house. If the kids’ clothing is put away and organized, with pull-ups completely stocked up always, I feel okay. If not, I get that anxiety. Oh man.. I had no idea anyone else was like me. LOL And as you said, it probably has everything to do with control. Having a sense of control at least with some of the housework. At least the focus is on Sydney, which I hope you already know, makes you such a wonderful mommy.

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