The “New” Gig

So as most of you know, I left my mostly secure job (as no job is 100% “secure”) with great benefits to stay at home with Sydney.  At least to me, when I put it like that I think to myself what the hell have I done/what the hell were you thinking?! (Don’t worry we still have health benefits, just not as great as before)  I was having “buyers remorse” the other day when I was telling a friend about how great the company I used to work for was and how amazing their benefits are and how she should try to get a job there.  Then Sydney made a cute expression and shrieked in glee and the buyers remorse fell away and I knew that I had made the best decision!

Yesterday was a whirlwind productive day! She kept her normal nap schedule and we got a lot accomplished, things I had been putting off because I just didn’t have the time and when there was time (the weekends) I was trying to spend as much of it with Sydney as humanely possible.  I am hoping most days will be that productive although I can already tell that today is not going to be as productive, since I am currently lounging around in bed still in my pj’s, spying on Sydney in the baby monitor (she has had a hard time going down for her morning nap)  I’m really hoping she doesn’t drop this morning nap before she’s one, but only time will tell! My new goal is to keep a consistent nap schedule and get more play time in with her! I have also decided that it’s important for me to write/keep to do lists of things so I can feel like I have accomplished something, basically need to write myself a list of goals! That way maybe the day in and day out of the same routine won’t drive me crazy.  This week will be a relatively nice week to make the transition into being home because it’s a holiday week and my brother will be here and Mike will be around more so more adult interaction and conversation.  Although I tend to talk to Sydney like she’s going to answer me!


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