Hello world!

so when people start blogging what do they do for their first entry?? Tell a good story? Jump in like they have been doing it for years?! GAH for somebody who likes to talk and always has something to say I feel like I’m at a loss…

How about a general update/story of who I am and what I am doing with my life?

I’m Liz, I’m in my late twenties (AAAHHH almost 30!!) new mommy to an awfully cute baby named Sydney (aka Squishy) and wife to Mike.  I work full-time (soon to be used to work) for a financial company in fulfillment (basically ensuring people get the materials they requested – my hubby falls asleep as soon as I start talking about work, so I won’t be offended if you do the same).  As of 11/19 my new boss will be somebody who is 26 inches tall and cries a lot.  In case you didn’t get my lame attempt at humor, I will be a full time stay at home mommy to Squishy!  I am very excited and a little nervous as I embark upon this next chapter of my life!  So follow along with me as I jump head first into this new endeavor!! I like to talk about all things related to Sydney and tell really long winded (probably boring) stories about my life and experiences as a first time mom! I also love hearing and giving advice!! Not that I am in any way certified to give advice (assvice), but ask me any question and I may have an answer!


One response to “Hello world!

  1. I am so excited that you have a blog now. And if I may also add, it is hilarious. You are a really great writer!!

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